Customer Story

How Our Client Saw 80% More Operational Efficiency With Our Mobile App


As one of the multinational tobacco manufacturing company, our client was responsible for Turkey’s national distribution and sales of brands. They establish a strong presence in the Turkish cigarette and tobacco market with a vast distribution network in 81 cities.


Before adopting our solutions, their field executives have difficulties in gathering essential information for strategic decisions. The operational process was challenging with a heavy manual workload. Also, reporting became a big deal for sales reps because of the unconnected information. That is how our client decided to get benefit from an all-in-one platform to boost their execution capabilities!


We developed a Custom IOS App to provide a 360 scale process in digitalization!
Our solution offered a complete digitalization in trade marketing with perfect field execution. Their team has no more concerns on route monitoring and validation of activity completion in the POS to complete dashboards.

Our solution helped the field executives to collect data, keep it neatly organized and easily retrieve necessary information in real-time!

Some of the activities provided through the app can be summarized as below:

Share of the Market
Sales Segments
Product Families
2 Years of Historical Data (monthly-weekly)
OOS & Follow Ups
Consumer Profiling
CRM Data
Route Planning & Management

Activity Management
Trade Program Management
POS Management
AI-based Analytics and Notifications on Risks for Product Losing Sales
Compliance Check
Point Profitability
Predictive Analysis for Visit Efficiency


Our client saw an increase in visibility into field execution performance in a rapid, cost-effective way through digitalization.

They gained insights into their merchandising performance across 143,000 sales outlets. Also, executive teams now can view execution gaps and develop clear and targeted store visit plans for reps and managers.

Some of the key results has been observed as below:

400% Increase in unitsales of key SKUs

85% Decrease in field auditing times

80% Increase in operational efficiency