How to Provide The Best Shopping Experience in Retail


Today, consumers expect companies and brands to provide tailored shopping experiences at the right time and place. 

Today’s online and pick-up-in-store programs as well as the mobile payment systems drive consumers to expect highly personalized customer journeys in the buying journey. 

The customer journey is now the primary vehicle for the best customer experience.

Unfortunately, those who stay behind on providing the best customer journey will eventually fail in this competitive market.

Here are 6 tips to boost your efforts in retail and CPG markets.

Deploy AI & Personalize Customer Journey

Retail and consumer goods experts deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to boost their programs through highly relevant, customized, and cutting-edge digital customer experience.

Examples of current use cases in retail can vary personalized product recommendations to 1-to-1 emails to chatbots that automate answers. 

According to Salesforce, AI provides a financial upside in personalization as online shoppers who act on AI-powered product recommendations yield 14% higher average order values.

Build Trust Through Customer Information Privacy 

People are far more aware of the importance of accurate data usage and privacy. 

91% of consumers expect companies to maintain control over the flow of their personal information and be transparent on data usage and privacy commitment.

Conducted research by Salesforce shows that 80% of retail and CPG experts see the balance between privacy and personalization as a priority

Be Conversational on Real-Time Engagement 

Speed is crucial in retail and FMCG! 

As half of the repeat buyers make a second purchase within 16 days of their first, the sales cycle is very short compared to other industries. 

In this case,  retail and consumer goods experts should engage with their consumers in a real-time and conversational manner. 

As conversations happen on customer-time, all conversations need to be scalable. 

Especially SMBs, shouldn’t get left behind due to a lack of resources.

Build Cross-Channel Strategies

Omnichannel coordinations are far more important than ever before because consumers are using multiple channels to communicate with companies. 

Retailers and CPG brands should develop a comprehensive conversational growth strategy, which takes place across the entire business.

Stay Consistent Across Channels

As consumers’ dynamic conversations and the messages evolve across channels based on actions, companies should consider this as a must-have in the success journey. 

What retailers and CPG brands should do is to stay up-to-date in emerging channels like virtual assistants, augmented reality, and connected devices!

Ensure Stock Availability With Mobile Auditing

All you need is to make sure the top-selling items are always in stock! 

Consumer Goods Cloud provides information field reps they need to sell more effectively. 

Through mobile auditing, you can monitor status with mobile-first inventory audits and drive sales and share of the shelf with custom KPIs!

Would You Like to Explore Salesforce For Retailers? 

We can help you identify customer needs for you to respond at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message! 

Get in touch with us now to discuss further!

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