Customer Story

How Turkey’s Biggest Wholesaler Bizim Transformed Digitally


As one of the largest wholesalers and the leader of Turkey’s Cash & Carry trade, Bizim has 175 stores in 69 provinces.

Bizim meets customer needs in cash & carry market with approximately 4,700 product lines and 3,000 stock items per-store across the country.

Bizim wholesales product categories including milk & dairy, canned food, grocery, tobacco, meat, hygiene, paper, homeware, textile, automobile accessories, decoration, communication, staple food, soft drinks, bread & pastry, personal care, cosmetics, electronic appliances, energy & illumination.

Bizim’s primary customers are retailers, catering businesses, such as restaurants, patisseries, and hotels, and corporations


Bizim’s huge product portfolio consists of branded products and self-branded products. Approximately 95% of the SKUs offered for sale consist of branded products, and 5% consists of self-branded products.

Their sales reps were taking orders on paper forms and tracking this massive operation using pencil-on-paper ‘customer cards with inefficient execution. As this manual approach was prone to human error, they decided to increase the visibility and execution efficiency through digitalization.


We started working with Bizim in 2018 and provided such solutions for a 360 scale digitalization as below:

Implementing a comprehensive CRM with heavily automated solutions.
Providing a single and consistent view of perfect store execution.
IBM SPSS software integration for advanced statistical analysis.
Customized solutions for email & SMS marketing within Sales Cloud.
Automated voucher sending for customers.
Providing g a well-designed customer loyalty program.


After deploying our solutions, Bizim’s organizational mindset shifted into digital transformation.

By investing in a cloud-based, scalable, customer-focused CRM, Bizim has provided a satisfying experience to its customers.

Through Salesforce Sales Cloud, they have a complete view of their customers with activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. Also, they have no more concerns about getting a complete view of deals with opportunity management.

Through accurate data, they can now easily plan their route executions to increase sales productivity.

Their field execution team has no more pain in gaining visibility into accurate, objective performance metrics at a store. Their management can now develop a precise and targeted store visit plans for reps and managers.

Their sales reps can now focus on the right metrics to determine what customers to prioritize, which SKUs to focus and, how to segment them, and what stores to visit, resulting with the highest impact.

They also completed the experience for customers who desire information at their fingertips through email and SMS marketing, resulting in doubled customer redemption.

They achieved a successful integration for the best predictive analytics through IBM SPSS.

They also increased the customer retention rate and decreased the churn rate through a successful loyalty and rewarding program.