Customer Story

How We Contributed Bayer for Winning Best of Sales Awards 2019


Bayer has been operating in Turkey since 1954 with its long tradition as an enterprise. They have exported their products produced in Turkey to over 40 countries as it is the largest subsidiary in the Middle East Region with existing facilities and workforce. Our path crossed with Bayer in 2018 and remained as a business partnership since then. The mobile app we developed STEP won the Best of Sales Awards in the “Best Technology Practice of the Year” category in the field of Field Sales and Education, which was given by the Sales Network in 2019!
Let’s deep dive into the details of such a successful project!


As they have large field operations, their sales reps positions have a high turnover rate. Also, training and adapting to new employees is a big challenge for Bayer. They got such limitations for field execution as below:

Tracking the field sales team
Monitoring & developing training
Inability on development areas within digitalization
Difficulties in employee productivity and contribution


We have built a custom mobile application to boost their field sales activities.


Focusing on the performance of the entire field sales team, the STEP mobile app ensured that training is implemented, measured, monitored, and developed by considering personal development areas.

Our app helped the field executives & trainers to follow the exact methodological path. It showed employee satisfaction, loyalty, employee productivity, and contribution to business results in metrics. Finally, distributor managers, executives, trainers, and sales reps had no more concern with the mobile app as they got:

Behavior training

Best practices based on the results for improvement with followup tasks

Training planning based on results