Customer Story

How We Helped Multinational Manufacturer on Digitalization


As one of the multinational tobacco manufacturing companies, our client was responsible for Turkey’s national distribution and sales of brands. They establish a strong presence in the Turkish cigarette and tobacco market with a vast distribution network in 81 cities around 143,000 sales outlets. Our business partnership remained for 8 years, with lots of successful projects. Our main objective has always been to maintain their competitive advantage in digital and beyond.


Before adopting our solutions, they were using spreadsheet systems to manage their global sales data and process. It was time-consuming and caused inefficient execution. Also, new competitors entering the trade market were making considerable strides in the digital space. In this competitive landscape, their system had severe limitations such as;

Lack of flexibility in the legacy system
Lack of capability in business requirements
Lack of adaptability to changing environment
Inability to provide 360 scale process in digitalization

Their experience had made them sure of one thing; All-in-one solution was a necessity and making those adaptations for their innovation process was our responsibility!


Development, deployment, and integration was no more a challenge with our solutions below:

Building Sales & Trade Marketing System
Integrating Financial & Taxing Systems for a Better Depth Management


By adapting their systems into a very efficient environment, those significant improvements observed as below;

They enabled in-depth analysis of visit performance, in-store audit results, employee productivity, and overall sales performance. The organization took strategic decisions faster with correct data.

Here are some examples:

More budget-friendly system which made it easier to get across the line with the decision-makers.

The rapid increase in direct, key account & dealer distributor sales.

80% increase in operational costs by removing manual processes.

Better customer journey with digital execution system.

Efficiency in on-logistics operations

Better field route planning & execution.

Speed on track & measure performance.

Increased focus on more value-adding tasks.

Better functionalities in enterprise merchandising & trade marketing.

Cultivated global relationships with seamless collaboration