Customer Story

How We Helped a Multinational Manufacturer with SFA


As one of the multinational cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company, our client was responsible for Turkey’s national distribution and sales of brands. They establish a strong presence in the Turkish cigarette and tobacco market with a vast distribution network in 81 cities around 143,000 sales outlets.


As they were making direct sales with 500 field teams, direct sales, route & distribution planning was a big headache through non-digitized systems. Their system had limitations for field execution as below:

Non-mobile friendly system with single-page apps
Inflexible systems cause problems in updates
Lack of capability to meet new business requirements
360 scale process digitalization


Dealer Distributor Salesforce Automation.

Our solution enabled our client to manage sales,
distribution and marketing processes within
one central platform application as below:

Sales/Purchase Management
Field Management
Returns Management
Stock Management
Trade Asset Management

Contract Management
Target-based Performance Management
Campaign Management
Interactive Dashboard
Mobile Application


Using our automation solution has helped our client to make considerable inroads in the digital environment.

They enabled in-depth analysis of visit performance, in-store audit results, employee productivity, and overall sales performance. The organization took strategic decisions faster with correct data.

Here are some examples:

Mobile application shortened many processes from planning to analysis.

Purchases & sales orders are automated.

Orders are captured via the mobile app.

The status of orders and order fill rates are tracked.

Daily activities of the field sales team tracked in real-time.

Creating, updating & sharing routes were no more a concern.

The return process with the approval workflow was supported.

Stocks are tracked, critical, and safety stock levels are defined with automatic re-ordering.

Trade assets are tracked and their history is monitored.

Targets were defined and contracts were managed without effort.

Various campaigns are defined with a flexible campaign module.

Users customized the layout of the reports by applying filters through drag & drop.

Performance monitored via eye-catching dashboards.

Field employees accessed all required functions through the mobile application.

iOS, Android & Windows Mobile platforms were supported.